Why Lifechange groups?

LC groups are a place where you can CONNECT relationally, GROW spiritually, and SERVE together! At LifeChange Church, we believe that we were all created to be in RELATIONSHIP with people who genuinely care about you. LifeChange Groups are a place where you can CONNECT relationally, GROW spiritually, and SERVE together passionately. Jesus modeled this in his life with the 12 men who followed him, called his disciples.

LifeChange Groups are the primary vehicle for leading life change at LifeChange Church. We believe that as we grow larger, we have to grow smaller. We gather together in LifeChange Groups with our friends and neighbors in our homes where we do life together and experience the gospel in ways we can’t on our own. LifeChange Groups are a place where we can talk through application of Sunday messages, study the Bible, love one another, serve our community and participate in the mission of LifeChange Church. We are a people doing life together.

We want to see 80% or more of our church attendees plugged into LifeChange Groups. LC group gatherings meet regularly outside of the church. We want to position ourselves to reach people in our neighborhoods who may not attend church but are open to come to your LifeChange Group. It is our prayer at LifeChange Church that people will experience life change, accountability and family in your LC group.

What is a LifeChange Group?

A LifeChange group, or LC Group, is a group of 8-12 people who do life together around Jesus. In a LC Group, expect to hear truth, feel love and support without judgement and be challenged to take the next step in your walk with the Lord.

So, we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel but our lives as well. 1 Thessalonians 2:8

The DNA of LifeChange Church is seen in our LifeChange Groups. You can expect to CONNECT, GROW and SERVE with people you are doing life with in your LC Group.

CONNECT Relationally

Relationships are the transportation system of the gospel. We were not made to do life alone. God created us for the community. In a LC Group, you will have the opportunity to build trust and open up with a group of people who care about you.

GROW Spiritually

We understand that being a Christian is not a sprint but a marathon. God doesn’t want us to finish where we started. In a LC Group, you can expect to be held accountable and challenged to apply the truths from God’s Word to your every day walk.

SERVE Passionately

Serving other and one another is the heart of our Father. We want to model the heart of God in our groups by serving others. Whether it’s serving together on our Dream Team or serving alongside one another in the community, we know that the character of God is seen and felt through our hands and feet.


One of the core values of LifeChange Church is equipping and empowering leaders. LC Group leaders come from all different backgrounds, walks of life and experiences. We empower and equip leaders by providing leadership training, resources to help lead a LC group as well as LC coaches who will help mentor and guide LC group leaders.


If you feel led to become a LifeChange Group leader the next step would be to fill out our LC Group Leader application below.

LifeChange Group Resources


RightNow Media
RightNow Media is an online resource that is free for all LifeChange Church’s attendees. RightNow Media’s goal is to encourage millions of Christians to be on mission, wherever God has them. RightNow Media has thousands of different study plans and podcasts that cover a wide range of age groups and topics.
Right Now Media →

Topical Study
We have a couple of topical studies chosen by LifeChange Church that would be beneficial. Click below for a list of authors and studies.
Topical Study →

Study of Choice
We understand there are many amazing resources that men and women of God have published. If there is a study that you have prayed about and feel the Lord wants you to lead a group of people through, please email the name of the study and why you feel the Lord wants you to used it to Pastor Ray Lail at least one month prior to the start of the Life Group sessions. All books and studies will be reviewed by LifeChange Church staff to ensure the study lines up with the values and beliefs at LifeChange Church.
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