Every single person is gifted for a purpose, and those gifts are meant to be spent helping other people. They are given to us to fulfill God’s dream. They are meant to be invested for the next life – for eternity. When we come together as a team, and put on the team jersey we know that miracles happen and we know our actions provoke actions in others.

We invite you to join the DREAM TEAM. Put on the jersey as we come together as a team to lead life-change in Sioux Falls and beyond.

The Dream of LifeChange Church

The dream of LifeChange Church is for every one to take responsibility for leading people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ, creating a culture of life-change where people can experience the power and the presence of God not just on Sunday morning but outside the church building as well.

Our dream originates with God’s dream. God is in the business of changing lives and there is a role for every single one of us in the dream of God. We see in scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, that it takes a team to achieve the dream.

CONNECT Relationally

Relationships are the transportation system of the gospel. We were not made to do life alone. God created us for the community. In a LC Group, you will have the opportunity to build trust and open up with a group of people who care about you.

GROW Spiritually

We understand that being a Christian is not a sprint but a marathon. God doesn’t want us to finish where we started. In a LC Group, you can expect to be held accountable and challenged to apply the truths from God’s Word to your every day walk.

SERVE Passionately

Serving other and one another is the heart of our Father. We want to model the heart of God in our groups by serving others. Whether it’s serving together on our Dream Team or serving alongside one another in the community, we know that the character of God is seen and felt through our hands and feet.


Gifted with a purpose.

Not sure what your gifts are? We encourage you to seek God in prayer with a surrendered heart and ask Him to reveal and develop your giftings. We have a spiritual gifting test that you can take which is a tool used to reveal your strengths. If you aren’t sure where to start, we encourage you to experiment in some areas of service that might interest you. Take a risk, step out in faith and try something new. We encourage you to try a new ministry area for three months to see if your giftings are fitting into the role.

Put on the jersey:
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