Child Dedication

Sacred moments

Child dedication is a special, sacred moment in a families’ life. One day, we trust your children will make their own decision to follow Christ to accept His salvation for themselves. Dedicating your children to the Lord is different than salvation. As parents or family of a child, this is a time to make a proclamation saying that you want God to guide you in each step of parenting, that you are giving your children’s futures into God’s hands and wisdom, and that you are asking the LifeChange Church family to partner with you in showing a godly example to your children as they grow up. One of the places we see this example of child dedication is with Hannah and her child Samuel in 1 Samuel 1:21-28.

We look forward to having you, as parents as well as any family you want to join you, participate in our next Child Dedication on a Sunday morning at one of our gatherings on the platform as Pastor Quentin leads you through the dedication and our staff prays for you and blesses your child with a gift.